Total calories burned playing pickleball.

You might want to know how much calories burned playing pickleball. Well it depends on different factors and the result is different for everyone. Like an average pickleball helps to burn around 5-7 calories in a minut of playing.

But as mentioned before, to know exact figures you have to calculate it according to your height and weight, type of sport you play, the srounding environment,your gender and age etc. let’s elaborate it more further.

How calories burned playing pickleball.

For sure you have questions in your mind like ” how many calories does pickleball burn? or is pickleball good for wieght loss?”. Pickleball is one of the easiest sport in term of learning its basic and also includes a lot of movement when playing that helps to burn calories and as a result players not only can lose weight but also stay active and fit.

It helps to gain muscle strength, and an active mind, and also helps to overcome the problem of joint pain. When a player plays a game he has to move a lot inside of his court according to the coming ball after every hit by the opponent. This intense movement makes the muscles feel tired and to regain energy, the human body starts using stored extra fat that helps in weight loss and calorie burning.

How many calories does pickleball burn?

The total number of calories burned playing pickleball depends on whether you are a male or female, your weight/height, age, intensity of game, and how much time you played. For a general idea in a casual match,

  • Women aged around 35 years (weight 150 pounds) = 410 calories/hour.
  • A man aged 35 years (weight 160 pounds) = 495 calories/hour.

And in an intence match,

  • Women aged around 35 years (weight 150 pounds) = 610 calories/hour.
  • A man aged 35 years (weight 160 pounds) = 695 calories/hour.

One game of pickleball can take an average time of 15 to 20 minutes to complete and most of the games are played as best of three. This best of three is also called a set, and according to this estimation, it takes around 1 hour to complete a set. So, the above-mentioned values give an estimation of burned pickleball calories per hour/set.

One more easy way to track your burned calories is to use devices like an apple watch or fitbits. These can help you to know calories burned playing pickleball by tracking your movement and speed and number of steps taken. As an average a player takes around 4500 to 7500 steps in a complete set of pickleball.

From the estimated values above you can simply find out how many calories you have burned according to the time you played. For example, to find out 2 hours of pickleball calories burning multiply the above values by 2 for a man this will be around 1200 calories, and for women 1000 calories.

Calories burned playing pickleball doubles/singles.

The calorie-burning system works differently for singles and doubles due to many factors. In tennis, you have the option to exclude sides area on both sides of a tennis court that are 4.6 feet on both sides. But in pickleball a players have to cover the whole court even if they are playing as singles.

Singles calories burned.

The following chart can elaborate the calories burning in the easyest way for you to understand and learn.

pickleball calories burned per hour for singles.

Playing pickleball as singles helps to burn more calories due to the involvement of more movement as compared to doubles. So, if you are planning to lose weight with the help of pickleball the best option is to play as singles and get results faster.

Doubles calories burned.

In pickleball doubles two players handle one side so the movement of a player reduces. And due to this reason less calories burned when playing pickleball as doubles.

Calories burned playing pickleball doubles

Unlike singles pickleball doubles is mostly a strategy-based game and your better understanding with your partner can help you to win easily. But in singles you have to use your strenght and flexability along with a good strategy to win a game.

Is pickleball good for weight loss?

Many other games can help you to lose weight faster but they are comparatively hard to play from pickleball. If you are planning to start playing game to lose weight pickleball is the best option for that due to many reasons.

The rate of calories per minut is 7.8 playing pickleball singles and in doubles its 4.6. To burn 1 gram of fat you have to burn aproximately 9 calories. So after playing a game of pickleball that is best of 2 out of 3 that takes arounf 1 hour to complete you will burn arounf 52 grams of fat. Do not forget it works differently for everyone the more your weight the more you burn.

The beautify of this game, its easy to learn and play pickleball. You only have to read the basic pickleball rules once and you are good to go. The second thing is it’s easy to play which means you can play as proffesional player and will never get bored you will have a good time as well as losing weight.

Pickleball calories burned. (Factors)

As mentioned above there are many factors that affect the calories burned playing pickleball. What are those factors? let’s clarify them along with the reason.

  • Severity: The intesity of game plays important role in calorie burning process. If a players is just playing a normel casual game will burn less calories as compared to the players who played a more intence game. So, if you want to burn more calories try to play compatitavie matches.
  • Weight: A person with a heavy body will also burn more body fat than someone with lean muscles and body. The reason behind this is the person with more weight must use more power to move quickly in the court. So, the more power you use = the more calories you burn.
  • Period: For sure playing more will burn more calories. If you are playing pickleball for weight loss then try to play as long as you can. Because at the start the calorie-burning mechanism will work slowly. At your first game, your muscles will already have enough energy to move but as soon as they feel tired they will start burning stored fat to get more energy and continuous games will make your body burn fat at an even faster speed.
  • Doubles/Singles: Playing as singles involves more movement and as a result burns 25-30% more calories. In doubles 2 players cover a side and contribute evenly so burn fewer calories.
  • Body type: Yes, the type of the body also affects calories burned by playing pickleball. This could be simplified as the more muscles you have the more calories will burn. A real-life example, big engines burn more fuel to run.

Does tennis burn calories more then pickleball?

Due to different factors, tennis can help to burn more calories as compared to pickleball. Tennis consists of a larger court and players have to run a lot while playing to cover the whole area. As a result more calories will burne as per hour.

But the difference is not too much in pickleball a players burn an average of 370 calories per hour and in tennis, this could go up to 450 calories per hour. Keep in mind the intensity of the game can change this number, the harder you play more you burn.

Other effective ways to burn calories.

There are many other sports and activities you can do to burn calories according to the available facility. let’s find out a number of calories burned by every single activity individually.

Sport/ActivityCalories burned
Calories burned in soccer476 per hour
Calories burned hitting golf balls280 per 100 shot
Calories burned by driving150-250 per hour
Calories burned playing volleyball450-600 per hour
Calories burned racquetball700-850 per hour
Backetball calories burned750 per hour
Calories burned surfing200-250 per hour
(Hand) Lawn mover calories burned450 per hour
Calories burned in jiu jitsu500/1000 per hour
Different ways of calorie burning.

If we compare these values with the calories burned playing pickleball, we can see there are many other ways to burn extra fat and some of them can work way faster.


We hope to cover “calories burned playing pickleball” in all the perspectives, possible and needed. We recommend choosing pickleball, you will not only burn calories but will also have fun because like other sports you do not have to learn extra skills to play regular games with other players.


as an average a person playing pickleball can burn arounf 600 calories in 1 hour. That is equal to 67 gram of fat burning per hour.

Running is graded as a sport that can burn more calories as compare to any other game. It can burn around 11-16 calories per minut.

Yes, according to a study every unit increase the energy consumption of body by 8-10%. Body use this energy to fight with virus cause this sickness and this energy comes from the fat in the form of calorie burning.

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