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In Pickleball royal here we started our organization at the start of 2023, with a team who have expertise in sports, especially in pickleball. We provide data in a simplified form so that everyone could understand it and helps to promote it everywhere, where it is attracting a new audience towards it.

Our motive is to provide the latest information about updates in the rules of pickleball, a fast-growing sport all our America. As it is expanding day by day and attracting more new players all over the nation, it is important to provide information about the basics of this game to newcomers.

And not for only new players but for seniors as well, we provide a platform where they can learn something new every day by. And with this guidance, they can improve their game and use tactics on the playground to make easy wins.

In our organization, we provide legit information after an in-depth analysis of every component of pickleball individually. All of the information provided about the sport is according to the official rulebook and updated according to the latest decisions of officials.

One key feature that makes us different from others is that we take reviews from the users as well to improve our services and provide authentic information to new users. If you have any queries/Questions or suggestions you can simply contact us via our email or social media platforms.

We are also planning to add reviews of different equipment used to play pickleball. These reviews will be based on the data collected from players from different age categories so you can get exactly what you want by getting to know the experience of other majority players with all kinds of equipment on the playing court.

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