National pickleball day, what is it?

The national pickleball day was first celebrated on the 8th August in the year 2021 and was created by an instructor named Deirdre Morris. It is celebrated on the same date every year and there are many reasons behind the creation of this day.

To keep it simple remember this day as the 8th of 8th. let’s go further deep into it and discuss more about this day like why it was created and ways to celebrate this day.

Why national pickleball day was created.

As you already know who created this day you probably can guess the reason already. It was created to spread awareness way faster about pickleball games and motivate more people to join this community. It is also a good way to get together and spend some good time.

As sports is always the first thing advised by the doctors for every individual to stay fit and healthy why not play pickleball instead of any other game? Why pickleball, because of its rules and structure, it is one of the easiest games that everyone from any group age can play.

How to celebrate national pickleball day.

There are many ways you can enjoy and celebrate this day. You can pick any option listed below that suites you and give it a try. The first one is,

Host a pickleball tournament.

Here are some fun pickleball tournament ideas that will help you to make this day more special. You can host a pickleball tournament if you want but don’t forget it takes a lot of time and hard work to do it or if you have a team of friends then you can handle this. Why it is hard, the first reason is determining and finding a suitable place for it.

You need to find a publicly accessible where everyone can reach easily. the second thing to keep in mind is the environment for this you can choose a park with following vantages to make it successful event. But don’t forget to get permissions from the caretaker.

The place you choose must need to have a shady area where other players can rest while a game is being played. If that place have picnic tables that is a plus point, your invited guests can sit and can start a conversation while waiting for their turn.

If you want to add something more special then BBQ is the best option because everyone loves it and enjoys it. Some kind of juice can add fire to this event, this is the best way to organize an event that no one will forget ever. To schedule a tournament you can use this Software.

Organize pickleball picnic.

If you want to celebrate National Pickleball Day with your family you can do it by just organizing a pickleball picnic. Pickleball is a game purely made for families to enjoy together and also played by a family when pickleball was invented for the first time, then why not enjoy it with family.

You can place a setup in your backyard but choosing park is the best option. Everything you need to do is to pack some snacks and food and adequate equipment’s to play pickleball. Just build up a temporary pickleball court and start your your game.

Join a pre-organized tournament.

If you want to avoid all this hazel of organizing and just want to enjoy the moment you can just simply participate in an tournament or pickleball themed party (if invited). this is the easiest way to enjoy.

There are many ways to find tournaments on national pickleball day you can simply find it by joining pickleball community forums where players connect to each other. You can make new friends over their and discuss about the game.

Pickleball party ideas.

The pickleball party is also a best way to bring picklers together under a roof. You can do following things to make it an amazing and memorable day. Decorate a place on a pickleball theme. You can use bloon that looks like pickleball ball to decorate.

Making a cake of paddle shape cake is also the best option to give a pickleball day touch. Many other things are having the shape like different pickleball equipment you can find online and use in party decoration. These are some best and easy pickleball social ideas that can help you to enjoy national pickleball day.


After adding every necessary information above we would like to give a short overview so that you can remember it easily. The national day is formed for fun and awareness of pickleball as a source of enjoyment.

So, its better to keep it friendly while playing games organized to celebrate this day rather than tough and serious like you do in normal day regular game. Also spend this day as a teach day where you teach some lessons and technique’s to newbies and build some more interest in them for pickleball.

The national pickleball day is celebrated in the USA because pickleball was been founded in United States in Washington in the year 1966 by a group of friends.

We don’t recommend to host an event in any park or public space without having rights. The best thing is to contact with the authorities are the caretaker of that place and ask for the permission to do so.

This will help you to avoid any kind the disturbance that could ruin your plans.

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