National pickleball month | April.

National Pickleball Month is celebrated in April every year in the USA. This month was established to connect people across the country and play together like taking part in tournaments or playing individually at local parks.

You will get to see more players this month than usual, so it’s better to book your place early in tournaments or local matches. There are many ways to enjoy pickleball month with your family or friends.

When national pickleball month was established?

Pickleball has been updated at a very fast pace in the last 18 years like the official board (USA Pickleball Association) was made in 2005. After that they made major required changes in pickleball and promoted it at national level by organizing tournament and through online platforms.

National Pickleball Month was first seen in 2018 and established by (USAPA) unlike National Pickleball Day, which was created later in 2021. The creation of National Pickleball Month played a key role in attracting more people to pickleball as aspected.

Way’s to celebrate national pickleball month.

There are many ways you can choose your desired one that is comfortable for you. To simplify it more further here is a list for that.

pickleball month
  • Joining a tournament. This is one of the most chosen way by people. Look a court or pickleball club around you who is planning to organize a tournament in this month and submit your application to join it. Keep in mind that you will get to play with expert player’s that will be hard but you will also get to learn a lot from them.
  • Family time. There is one more idea that if you have a court in your backyard you can manage some extra time from daily schedule and play with your family. With this way you can enjoy this month and also spend some good time with family members.
  • Play with friends. If you have a local court available you can play with your friends over there and have good conversation. You can also bring some snacks (If allowed) and enjoy or if the court is in a park and has a BBQ place near where you can do it by yourself then what could be better than that?
  • Become part of the audience: One more way is to join tournaments as a part of the audience along with your family. You can watch the professional players playing and their strategy to win the games.

Why it was created?

As you know the a single game takes around 15-20 min of play to end. The total number of players in alone USA is around 30million and 4 million are regular players. You can expect somehow around 2 million of them joins the matches.

The total number of courts available is around 45k so it’s very hard for everyone to find a place to play individual games. For this purpose, a longer period is required to entertain everyone. For this purpose this month was created and tournaments were organized so that all of them can take part.

Many restaurants cover their theme of pickleball with special dishes by designing them to look like pickleball and using balloons that looks like equipment used to play pickleball.


For all pickleball lovers this month is so special and they try to find every single way to celebrate this month. In this article we tried to explain it best as our knowledge and we will also appreciate if anyone suggest to add anything related to “national pickleball month”.


Serving overhand in pickleball is not allowed and doing so will count as a fault and opponent will get to serve.

Right now it is only celebrated alone in America. The increasing popularity beyond the border may take it other countries one day.

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