Basic Pickleball rules, Every beginner should know.

The craze of pickleball ramping up day by day. To learn something first initial steps are to know about its rules so here are some rules for pickleball. The 5 basic pickleball rules that everyone who wants to play must know are mentioned below.

Learning these pickleball quick rules will help to understand the game and also using them with a strategy could help to make an easy win. Simplifying them further will help you to understand and learn more quickly and better. The rules for singles and doubles are almost the same with a little bit of difference at some points that are mentioned below.

Pickleball rules

The one positive side of this game is, it is compatible with all age groups. You don’t have to run a lot nor have to handle heavy equipment as its paddle weighs between 7 – 8.5 ounces. Even the little bit injured or aged person can participate in it.

5 pickleball rules are listed below.

Ball must stay inside the boundary.

Pickleball has this rule same to other games that look almost similar to it like tennis, Badminton, or any other play if the ball leaves the boundary line without touching the ground then whoever hit that ball will lose points and also if the ball hits the ground and the player on that side of the boundary fail to make a hit (failed to return the ball) will lose the point.

  • The boundary line is one that surrounds all of the play portions.
  • Touching the ball with any part of the body while playing inside the boundary line is also counted as a “fault”.
  • The playing area (length and width) will remain the same as per official rule no matter if you play as singles or doubles. But you can change it for your ease here is a guide for that.

One bounce per side is allowed.

Letting the ball bounce once per each side after the service is necessary and after that, both teams can start volleying (hitting the ball before it touches the ground) or let the ball bounce once on their side. Hitting the ball before bouncing while having one or both feet in the kitchen will also count fault and the opponent team will get a point for it.

  • Hitting the ball more than once at a time is not allowed.
  • Intersection with the ball before bouncing on a serve shot will result in an extra point for the opponent team.
  • Another term “double bounce” is also used which means one bounce after the serve shot on each side of the court.
  • You can’t volley a ball while having one or both feet inside the kitchen area. But you can hit it back if bounced already.

The service can’t land in the kitchen area.

The pickleball kitchen rules are quite simple. If the ball lands in the kitchen area at the serve shot the opposing team will get the point for it and the service will turn to the other player (if the second player of the same team makes this fault then the opponent team will serve).

If both teams have successfully played the serve shot without failing then the game will continue and this does not matter if either ball bounces anywhere inside the boundary until one of them makes a mistake or misses the ball (not hit it back).

  1. This rule is applicable only for serve shots.
  2. Always try to avoid playing short-length shots while serving the ball as it could do a negative effect on your points table due to a little mistake.

The important thing you must keep in mind is you can’t volley the ball standing inside of kitchen area at any point in the game. No matter what part of your body or any of your belongings like shoes or your fell off touch the kitchen area while volleying, that will be counted as a fault.

Also if you are running towards the non-volley zone and manage to volley the ball without touching the kitchen area but your running momentum makes you touch the non-volley zone after hitting the ball will count fault too. So, always keep these pickleball rules in mind to avoid losing the match.

Serving at baseline is compulsory.

The baseline is the end line of the court. The pickleball serves rule says “Serving at the baseline while hitting the ball and having the paddle under the waistline is compulsory”. Otherwise, that could be counted as a fault and the next player will get the serve. If it’s a singles match then the opponent player will get to serve next but in the case of doubles if the right one lost then the left one will take the turn.

  • The paddle must move up-word while hitting the ball on serve shot.
  • In singles if the score is “even” then the player will server from the right side of the court and if the score is in “odd” numbers then from the left side.
  • The serve will always go to the cross-court. If the ball lands land anywhere else that will count as a fault.

Game could be played until 11 to 15 points or 21.

The game usually ends at 11 points but one side needs to have a lead of up to two points to claim victory otherwise the winning score will be extended and goes up to 15 points. It’s estimated that if the game is being played as singles the game will end between 11-15 points but in the case of doubles, it is more likely to go to 15 to 21 points.

  • This rule mainly depends on lead.
  • If one team (“player” in case of singles) is at least 2 points ahead of the opponent and successfully achieves 11 points the game will end over there.
  • And in case of 1 point lead then this will continue to the next target which is 15 or maybe 21 who knows!

The indoor pickleball rules are also the same with no difference at all. The difference is just the place whether it’s a place somewhere outside or inside of a building like clubs. Playing on outdoor courts is preferably better because of the natural environment and fresh air but weather conditions can also impact the game.

A lot of people also ask if it’s going to become an Olympic game. Sadly! The answer is “No” cause there are several rules and regulations that a game has to fulfill to get that place and it’s not reached yet. To achieve this we have to spread the trend of this game beyond the borders and increase the participation of other countries as well as the density of the crowd.

Starting a match.

The only important thing remains to choose who will serve first. Well, it’s on you whether you fillip a coin or any other method of your choice. These are the basic guidelines for beginners who are learning this enormously fast-growing game and becoming its part.

Also, avoid wearing clothes having colors that clash with the ball that is used to play. This could distract the opponent and affect his game. This is a new addition to the USA pickleball rules book and opponents can question on this. So it’s better to avoid it rather than giving someone a chance to put an allegation on you.

Lets give pickleball a try.

These pickleball rules are enough for a beginner to start a game. But before that you obviously need a court where you can play and try to improve your skills. Don’t worry we got your back here is a link that will help you to find a court near you.


Pickleball is a combination of three games and have similarities as well in both ways like Physically appearance and matching rules. those three games are (Tennis, Badminton, and table tennis). it was introduced by family guys. For more information check out What is Pickleball.

A pickleball court is an rectangular shaped bounded area with 20′ feet width and 44′ length divided into serval parts with the help of lines. Here is a quick access link for Pickleball court dimensions for understanding.

According to pickleball rules hitting a ball twice at the same time is a fault and results in losing a point.