Jacob Rayen.

Jacob is a professional pickleball player and a part of the pickleball community for almost a decade. He is also a co-founder of Pickleball Royal and plays a key role in our organization. He is helping to guide new players about pickleball with his knowledge.

Jacob Rayen

Personal thoughts of Jacob.

Pickleball is not a new game but many people are not familiar with this name and as of today it is spreading like a fire in the jungle. This new audience needs a lot of things to get involve into this game like learning rules, knowing the terms used in pickleball, etc.

So, just to help those individuals in choosing best format of game that will suit them and suggestions about the equipment’s like paddles and ball or net etc. This is the main reason we founded a place where we together help each other in many ways.

Author’s statement.

I have been a die-hard fan of pickleball since joined this community. There are several reasons behind the adoption of this game like it is an easy-to-equip sport but hard to master pickleball. I played my first game in Ohio when my friends insisted to give it a try.

Ever since then, I have been involved in pickleball and exploring new things every day. I not only enjoy playing but telling other that what I learned and what I founded new is also my hobby. This is the reason I started a platform “Pickleball Royal” with the help of my other mates.

I am open to learning and knowing things and if anyone wants to help me in correcting if I ever made a mistake I would appreciate. You can simply write me through my social media accounts or you can contact me through website’s contact us page mentioned below.

Try to mention my name at the start of your message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Product overviews.

We are planning to add product reviews for players so that they can compare between them by their actual in field experience. The charts containing the data about their quality, price, the basis on which they are tested, and their drawbacks (if any of them have) are getting ready.

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